Thoughts/Review on "No Mercy" 2017

Overall Show Grade: 6/10

Overall, Monday Night Raw's "No Mercy" is a let down in and of itself. It's a failure of generating new storylines for the fans to follow as well as some illogical in-ring matches that felt rushed, misplaced, and irrationally finished. The two most important events dwindled with lackluster treatment, and the opening matched created the sense that a great PPV was approaching. Instead, the preliminary matches were the best of the night which is what keeps "No Mercy" from reaching the potential it created from its great build.

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Do Audiences Want Good Movies?

With the recent divisiveness of Aronofsky's "Mother," I decided to place my thoughts on the differences of opinion commonly shared by audiences and critics. Why do critics belove these weirdly obscure films that audiences view as dull or lifeless? Why do critics dislike that great blockbuster that audiences rave for? Why does this battle continue to take place? 

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An Open Letter to You, 

He taught me the power of generosity. His love was never equaled by another. Despite the times we left him out in the cold and the times we failed to give him the attention he deserved, he showed us nothing be unadulterated love in return. The rain falls down now, and despite your stubborness,  I will refuse to let you pass along in the cold. Your my big boy and I will not let you go on in that way. I love you and you deserve to be surrounded by love before you go, not the emptiness of a backyard and moisty cold air. 

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